Get rid of unproductive meetings once and for all! It's estimated that in the UK, a total of £27.5 billion in workforce hours are wasted as a result of ineffective meetings. Make sure your meeting isn't one of them.

Facilitation is a powerful intervention to increase the effectiveness of your organisation.  

The kinds of meetings we facilitate are wide ranging and numerous:

  • Team building
  • Strategic planning
  • Evaluations
  • Consultations
  • Project management
  • Working parties, committees and boards
  • Conferences
  • Conflict resolution

Q. What is Facilitation?
  1. Facilitation is a professional service concerned with the process of supporting groups to work cooperatively and effectively.

    The facilitator will design and guide the process of the meeting whilst remaining neutral on content.  The facilitator adopts the role of enabling participants to assume responsibility and to take a lead on delivering outcomes.  Helping the group towards its own destination, the facilitator is a process guide, whilst participants are the living content.

    Our facilitators will:

    • Help you clarify the purpose and outcomes of the meeting
    • Ensure people are introduced and connect with one another
    • Look after the physical space
    • Establish ground rules that support the aims of the meeting
    • Create an environment where people can bring the best of themselves to the task in hand
    • Encourage participation of all
    • Deal effectively with difficult behaviours
    • Pay attention to how the group operates and offer feedback as required
    • Lead by example
Q. Why Hire a Facilitator?
  1. It’s a significant waste of money if people arrive at a meeting voicing these common complaints and questions:

    • What’s the purpose of the meeting?
    • Why am I here?
    • These meetings are a waste of my time because they never go anywhere
    • This meeting is not relevant to me
    • It’s the same old voices dominating and saying the same old stuff
    • Am I the only one who finds these meetings boring?

    Middle managers estimate they spend 35% of their working week in meetings and top managers 50%.  In addition, it is believed that 30% of these meetings are not worth the time and money invested. 

    When organisations bring people together, its essential that the process delivers a focused, purposeful, efficient and successful outcome in order to justify the investment.

    If your meetings don’t deliver value for money, either have fewer of them or call us and arrange a free consultation so we can help you get your meetings back on track.

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