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We Reach Another Important Milestone in our Coaching Strategy

By Paul Cummings, 05-Jun-2014

We continue to make great progress in our strategic objective to be a leading provider of coaching and coach training in Scotland.  During March and April we delivered the first cohort of our brand new Gestalt Coaching Skills training programme specifically designed for leaders and managers who aim to use coaching skills to enhance their performance.  Twelve participants from all over the UK joined us on this new and exciting venture and we had a truly remarkable learning experience.  Due to the nature of the teaching, this was the first time our programme was staffed by three facilitators who provided feedback on participants’ coaching practise.  It's an intense and rewarding programme as Jackie Tolland, Director at Parent Network Scotland can testify.

I originally attended the Kinharvie Gestalt Coaching Skills Training in the hope that the skills I would learn would help me in my post as Director of Parent Network Scotland.  In my role, I support project staff as well as facilitators.  I wanted to have a way of building staff potential and support them to deal with the everyday challenges of working in communities that were inclusive as well as meaningful to our organisations ethos.  We pride ourselves on being open and inclusive, non-judgemental and respectful. What I learned on Kinharvie’s Gestalt Coaching Skills course was way more than I ever imagined.  I went on a journey that not only built my professional skills but also my personal interactions.  I learned to ask powerful questions, work with emotions and empower the other participants to find their own solutions.  I also used these techniques for myself and this was a powerful source of personal growth.  Learning the theory that underpins this coaching concept was amazing and really gave me an insight into how people work (and myself). I came away with a better understanding of coaching and how powerful it can be.  I also came away having grown in confidence personally and gained great new friends.  We have stayed in touch as a group and this just adds to the experience.’  Jackie Tolland, Director, Parent Network Scotland.

We are delivering the Gestalt Coaching Skills training programme again this autumn.  If you would like to learn more or book your place, then click here.