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Substantially Investing in the Development of the Kinharvie Team

By Paul Cummings, 05-Jun-2014

We know all too well the importance of investing in the training and development of the Kinharvie Team members.  We consistently receive excellent feedback on the quality of our work with individuals and organisations.  The quality of our work is vitally important to us and an essential element to the Kinharvie brand that is built on consistently delivering excellence.  We work hard to ensure our team members are equipped with the skills and knowledge that ensures they can perform to the highest standards expected of them.  To achieve this, we routinely invest in training and development opportunities for the team and recently both Paul Cummings and Martin Pearson have undertaken substantial programmes.

In April, Paul graduated from the Gestalt International Study Centre in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA having successfully completed their coach training programme.  The programme was delivered over 3 sessions and meets the ICF (International Coach Federation) requirement for Live Interaction Instruction on core competencies and ethical standards. Paul now has all the requirements necessary to apply to the ICF for the PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential.  We have a strategic objective for all coaches at Kinharvie to attain this designation to ensure we maintain the quality of our coaching practice.  All ICF Credentialed Coaches complete rigorous education and practice requirements, providing testimony to their commitment to excellence in coaching.

The mission of the ICF Credentialing program is to:

  • Protect and serve consumers of coaching services
  • Measure and certify competence of individuals
  • Inspire pursuit of continuous development

We wish Paul well as he advances the quality of coaching provision delivered by Kinharvie Institute.

In deepening and developing our practice of applying Gestalt principles in our work with individuals and organisations, Martin Pearson has recently undertaken a substantial training programme with GestaltOD Partners.  The iGOLD™ Certificate Programme is designed to provide professionals the tools to facilitate and lead organisation development and change through a highly effective holistic and integrated approach. The aim is to improve organisational performance by improving the effectiveness of those who work in and work with organisations. 

This international programme is delivered in 5, week long sessions over 18 months and will see Martin jet off to the Netherlands, Budapest, Cape Town, Lisbon and either Singapore or Sydney.  Martin is very excited to be afforded this amazing opportunity to learn facilitation and OD principles from a Gestalt perspective within a multicultural context.

This is a major investment in the learning and development of the Kinharvie team and ensures we keep abreast of current Gestalt knowledge and its application.  We wish Martin well on his exciting and potentially life-changing learning journey.