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Facilitating "The Recovery Talk' for the Scottish Drugs Recovery Consortium

By Paul Cummings, 01-Aug-2012

It was back in December 2011 when we were first approached to work with the Scottish Drugs Recovery Consortium.  The aim of the events were to:

  •  Develop increased hope and inspiration around recovery
  •  Support increased communication and engagement from the field and with the Consortium
  •  Raise awareness of what the Consortium can offer in terms of support

The Consortium wanted two events that had both scale and impact.  We recommended the setting up of a Working Party made up of Consortium staff and a Kinharvie facilitator.  Withe the design expertise of the facilitator Paul Cummings and the skills and dedication of the staff, we were able to design and deliver two World Cafe events in both Dundee and Paisley.

These events delivered on the outcomes above and facilitated meaningful, engaging and transforming conversations between and amongst nearly 200 people with an interest in recovery.  Find out more about the events at the SDRC website here.