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Kinharvie Institute Celebrates 2014 International Facilitation Week

By Martin Pearson, 07-Jan-2015

After the success of previous events back in 2013, Kinharvie Institute and the Scotland Chapter of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) were together keen to partner once again in 2014 to celebrate the International Facilitation Week. 

To commence International Facilitation Week, Kinharvie Institute and the IAF Scotland Chapter hosted a one-day event, 'Beyond the Wall of Resistance - Facilitating Successful Change'. This event was led by Rick Maurer who we invited from the United States and is author of, Beyond the Wall of Resistance: Why 70% of All Changes Still Fail--And What You Can Do about It. 

Over 50 people attended the event in Glasgow from across Scotland and beyond. Rick introduced the Cycle of Change he has developed and explored the reasons for resistance at each stage when facilitating an organisation, group or team through the process of change. He also introduced the types of resistance that leaders of change can face: a lack of understanding of the need for change, a dislike of the proposed change or distrust of the person(s) leading the change. 

This really enjoyable day also provided time for participants, from a variety of professional backgrounds, to network and share their own experiences of managing change and resistance. 

The first event of the IAF International Facilitation Week with Rick Maurer 

Our second event, A Virtual Conversation with Larry Dressler, took place on the Thursday of International Facilitation Week. Larry is an organisation development consultant and author of Standing in the Fire: Leading High-Heat Meetings with Clarity, Calm and Courage.  Larry was interviewed for the first half of the hour-long conversation by Kinharvie facilitator and Coordinator of the Scotland Chapter, Martin Pearson, 

Larry shared his thoughts about what it takes to facilitate “high-heat” meetings and some of the learning he has gained. There was then time for those who had joined the online conversation from as far away as Canada, to ask questions and share their own thoughts on what Larry had shared.

Overall, the week was a great celebration of facilitation and we are delighted to be leading the understanding and promotion of facilitation in Scotland and beyond.  We look forward to the next International Facilitation Week in 2015!