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Facilitating Glasgow's Third Sector Forum

By Martin Pearson, 18-Jun-2013

At the end of May, Kinharvie facilitated an open meeting convened by the Third Sector Forum* to review the draft Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) which outlines shared outcomes for Glasgow over the next ten years. Along with other partners in the city, representatives from the third sector had been involved in drafting the document. This meeting was an opportunity to present the main elements of the draft document to the third sector, to receive feedback on it contents and to start to think about how the sector could contribute to its implementation.

Following an introduction to the draft SOA by Shaw Anderson, Partnership and Development Manager Democratic Services, Glasgow City Council and Martin Johnstone, Chair of Third Sector Forum, participants had small table discussions to collectively identify the strengths of the document and their concerns.  The groups then captured the essence of their conversations on post-its and stuck these up in a gallery for other participants to view. 

Participants then had some time to start thinking about their role in the implementation of the SOA. Participants spoke animatedly in small groups about possible contributions their organisations could make. They were then asked to write down any offers their organisations might be able to make on post-its and create another gallery. By the end of the conversations the wall was covered with possible ways that the organisations represented at the meeting could help to achieve the outcomes in the SOA. 

Following the meeting, Joy Andrew, Coordinator of the Third Sector Forum said, " This event went well and since we have had positive feedback. The Forum has fed the concerns of the sector [gathered at the meeting] to Glasgow City Council, along with the offers of help made by the participants with the implementation of the SOA. The offers of help clearly demonstrate the important role the third sector could potentially play in implementing the SOA."

*Glasgow Third Sector Forum brings together voluntary organisations, social enterprises and volunteering organisations from across Glasgow. The Forum aims to provide a collective voice for the Third Sector in Glasgow and to increase the Sector’s input in key areas of public policy and planning.