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Free Facilitation!

By Martin Pearson, 12-Jun-2013

We are offering ten days of free facilitation to one charity providing services in the Greater Glasgow area.

This offer is part of our ongoing commitment to supporting and building the capacity of local communities in our home city of Glasgow.  Many in the city are being impacted by the effects of the economic downturn and are turning to community groups for support. This increase in demand coupled with cuts to their own budgets means that many charities are facing a variety of organisational challenges which will affect their capacity to provide services in the future.

We would like to support one such charity by offering ten days of coaching, organisation development and/or training interventions to support the staff and volunteers of the charity to respond more effectively to the organisational challenges they face so they are better able to support those who rely on their services.

To Apply: 

Please complete the online form below. The deadline for all applications is Friday 19th July 2013

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