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We Welcome Alastair Callaghan To The Team

By Martin Pearson, 10-Nov-2016

We have a new member join our team! 

Alastair Callaghan joined Kinharvie in September. Alastair will work as coach, facilitator and trainer and will be particularly involved in developing our coaching offer for young adults.

We hope in the future, many of you will have the opportunity to meet and work with Alastair. In the meantime, we wanted to introduce you to Alastair so you recognise him and know about his skills and interests.

Below is an interview with Alastair where he tells us about himself, his background and his path to joining the team: 

What were you doing before joining Kinharvie Institute? 

Before joining Kinharvie Institute, I worked as an Assistant Curator with Glasgow Museums.  While this role had a collections and exhibitions focus, my energies were really directed towards creating and facilitating opportunities for communities across Glasgow to engage with, and contribute to, the development of an exciting new heritage hub at the Kelvin Hall.


How did you come into contact with Kinharvie Institute?

My first contact with Kinharvie was as a participant of an appreciative enquiry event in 2013. In 2014, I would again be a participant, but this time as part of a World Café event.  These experiences opened my eyes to a quality of facilitation that I hadn’t experienced before and in 2015 I was fortunate enough to secure a place on the excellent Facilitation Skills training which has helped me to grow and expand my own practice. 


What sparked your interest in the work that Kinharvie Institute does?

In Kinharvie, I see a purpose and passion for helping groups/individuals to grow and bring the best out of themselves.  This really resounds with the contribution I hope to make in my lifetime. Having also experienced the creativity, consideration and presence that the Kinharvie team bring to this mission, my interest was soon hooked.


What has surprised you as you have joined Kinharvie Institute and ‘lifted the bonnet’ on our inner workings?

Something that has particularly impressed me, is how clearly the organisations purpose is carried forward by the whole team - everyone recognises and appreciates what their role contributes to the experience and outcomes of our clients.


What unique gift(s) do you bring to the team? 

I have long had a passion for story.  Throughout my studies in Anthropology and subsequent work in the heritage sector, I have been fascinated by the rich interplay between story, identity, esteem and growth.  I sense that my experience of working to support people in discovering and sharing their stories can offer something new to the team, and I am excited to see where this might take us.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Whether camping, running, cycling or hiking, I love to be outdoors amongst the hills, lochs and coast.  At home, I enjoy sharing food, conversation and board games with friends and family. I also enjoy writing short pieces of fiction and facilitate a creative writing group on Glasgow’ south side.

Looking ahead, I soon hope to try my hand at sea kayaking!


What’s your favourite colour? ;-)

I grew up surrounded by the forests of the Moray Firth, so would definitely lean towards a green colour.  Depending on the light, I find it can both be calming and stir fresh energy in me.