We are instrumental in establishing the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Scottish Chapter.

An IAF chapter is a group of IAF members who choose to get together to pursue the goals of the IAF at local level. These goals are:

  • Giving credibility to and furthering the work of the field of facilitators and facilitation.
  • Providing a network to foster interchange between professional practitioners in the field.
  • Developing appropriate opportunities, methodologies, models, tools and modes that support the practice of exemplary participatory facilitation.

The driving purpose for IAF setting up chapters is to respond to the expressed desire of our members for more frequent and local opportunities for professional and personal development. Our goal is a network of vibrant local groups who are committed to promoting the benefits of facilitation and contribute to the professionalisation of our activities.
IAF is so committed to this goal that we are now investing a percentage of IAF membership fee in local area chapter development. These funds are intended to help chapters to kick off local events that will not only provide development opportunities for existing members but also attract new members to IAF.

If you would like to join the IAF Scotland Chapter, you will need current IAF membership.  You can join the IAF here and if you are a member and want to attend the next Chapter, email us here.