Community Facilitators' Network

Community Facilitators' Network

Build your capacity to effectively employ successful facilitation skills within community groups

Groups have the potential to bring out the worst or best behaviours in people and much of this can depend on the skills and knowledge of the facilitator. If facilitated well, the group experience can be a transformative one for participants and the communities around them.

The Community Facilitators' Network is designed to support community practitioners to develop their knowledge and skills further so they are better able to facilitate groups to achieve their aims.  By drawing out the best behaviours of participants, skilled facilitators help groups to perform and achieve great results.

Members of the Network meet monthly over eight months. During this time, members receive quality training in facilitation skills and have monthly opportunities to reflect on their practice with other community practitioners. By being a member of the Network, members:

  • increase their knowledge of tools and processes to support groups to engage more effectivey
  • become more aware of their strengths as a facilitator and where they could improve
  • develop a network of local practitioners who can support and challenge them as they develop their practice.

If you are interested in joining the Network or would be interested in setting up a similar network in another city, please contact us.