Free Resources

Free Resources

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We have developed a number of free resources to help you in your work and to support you in your interventions with individuals, groups and organisations.  Add the resource to the cart then view your cart following the link at the top of this page.

  • Team Conflict Effectiveness Survey


    Team Conflict Effectiveness Survey
    This conflict effectiveness survey will support your team in raising awareness about how well it deals with conflict and will identify areas of conflict management. 
  • A Framework for Planning Effective Meetings


    A Framework for Planning Effective Meetings
    This guide provides a framework to help any meeting planner attend to some basic yet fundamental questions and topics essential to designing effective meetings and events.  
  • A Guide to Creating Effective Virtual Meetings


    A Guide to Creating Effective Virtual Meetings
    ‘Virtual meetings’ are becoming increasingly used by organisations as the technology developed becomes cheaper and is more widely available.  This is a useful guide that helps you adopt a facilitative approach to virtual meetings.  
  • Facilitators - Trainers Packing List


    Facilitators - Trainers Packing List
    If you find yourself frequently on the road away from home, you will know the hassle of trying to remember what to pack each and every time.

    This simple list of common items you will need for most assignments will get you started and relieve you of some of the annoyance that’s part of life on the road for many facilitators and trainers. 
  • Working Together Agreement


    Working Together Agreement
    This is Kinharvie’s generic ‘Working Together Agreement’ that can be used as a basic starting point for the establishment of group norms in any meeting or event.  
  • A Manager's Essential Guide to Supervising Staff


    A Manager's Essential Guide to Supervising Staff

    This guide is written for managers, new and experienced, who want to examine and/or refresh their approach to supervision. As well as defining supervision and clarifying its purpose, there are some top tips for helping the supervisor and supervisee make the most of this important but often overlooked management function.