Maximising Participation in Large Scale Interventions

Maximising Participation in Large Scale Interventions

The Challenge

The Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle, together with his Council had developed a draft three year vision for the Diocese. The challenge they faced was how they could best:

  • raise awareness within the diocese of the vision they had developed;
  • draw on the knowledge, experience and wisdom of members of the diocese to develop the vision further;
  • get people to buy into the vision

The Intervention

Kinharvie staff designed and facilitated the 270 people present through a process which provided them an opportunity to:

  • hear from the Bishop on the need for the visioning process and the progress that he and his Council had made;
  • discuss with others in small groups parts of the vision of particular interest;
  • make recommendations as to how specific parts of the vision could be developed;
  • get an overview of the recommendations that had emerged from the whole group during the day;
  • hear from the Bishop how the process would be taken forward. 

The Benefits

‘The event enabled people from across the diocese to become involved in the conversation about the changes and new structures being put in place. Participants were able to join conversations about various areas of diocesan life and offer their own thoughts and reflections on the various challenges facing us and the areas we need to prioritise. It was a great way to engage people in the issues the diocese is facing and to get a large amount of feedback in a short space of time.

As a result of the day, the newly established Strategy Group have been able to use the information gained from the event to identify the priorities for the future development of the diocese.’

- Father Michael McCoy, Diocese Of Hexham and Newcastle