Action Planning with the lawyers McGrade & Co. Ltd

Action Planning with the lawyers McGrade & Co. Ltd

McGrade & Co. Ltd, a niche practice of employment lawyers, invited Kinharvie Institute to facilitate their staff to develop an action plan to develop their business development and customer service.

The Challenge

Two areas that were critical to the firm were ensuring customers were served consistently well and attracting new clients to use their services. The challenge the Directors faced was how, in a short space of time, to draw out the knowledge and experience of all staff and to develop a clear and shared action plan for the following year.

The Intervention

A Kinharvie facilitator facilitated staff through two half-day sessions.  The sessions supported staff by providing a participative process to consider what they were trying to achieve, to appreciate what was already in place, to identify and prioritise areas of work that needed to be developed and to decide on further steps to improve customer service and attract new clients. Once staff had agreed on a set of next steps, they were facilitated through a process which resulted in a clear plan outlining who was responsible for each step and when it was to be completed.

The Benefits

“Everyone who took part found the process very worthwhile, as it focused on both the firm’s strengths and identified a clear action plan for the coming year. Martin Pearson, the Kinharvie facilitator, provided excellent management of the process and ensured that we focused on the key issues which will allow us to improve client service and develop the business. Being involved in facilitation was new to all of us, and has proved to be an extremely valuable way in which to learn and move the business forward.”

Giles Woolfson, Director, McGrade & Co. Employment Lawyers