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Leaders and Managers Should Adopt a Coaching Culture to Increase Workforce Engagement, Productivity and Initiative.

By Paul Cummings Tuesday, August 02, 2016. Comments (0)

Here are 5 Fundamental Beliefs of a Coaching Culture that Increase Workforce Engagement, Productivity and Initiative. Read full post

For Teams to Manage Change Effectively - 'It's Important to Let Systems Rest"

By Martin Pearson Monday, August 31, 2015. Comments (0)

“It’s important to let systems rest.”  This was a quote I recently heard that caught my attention…and promptly forgot.  It wasn’t  until I was on holiday, sat on the end of a pier watching the sun slowly set that it re-surfaced.  
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Five Reasons Leaders and Managers Should Hire an Independent Facilitator

By Paul Cummings Tuesday, August 25, 2015. Comments (1)

It's my view the time has come when leaders and managers simply can't afford NOT to have excellent, focused and effective meetings and events.  Here are my five reasons why leaders and managers should hire an independent facilitator for meetings that really matter.
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