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Organisation Development



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Kinharvie Institute - Co-creating vibrant spaces where people realise their potential.

We do what we do with presence, optimism and innovation.

Presence – we show up in ways that ensure we are fully present to you, your needs and the agreed outcomes.

Optimism – we believe everyone is doing the best they can with what they have and know at this moment in time.  Through the art of raising awareness, we help people achieve even more.

Innovation – with both presence and optimism, we co-create with you innovative and bespoke solutions to your challenges and opportunities.

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EEK! – I did Kinharvie’s Facilitation Skills Programme!

By Audrey MacNeill Thursday, March 21, 2019. Comments (0)

So, I have been on a “journey” recently – no not the X Factor (you haven’t heard me sing!)  After a good few years of administrating Kinharvie’s Facilitation Skills Programme, I decided that maybe I should be a participant and experience it from the other side.   Read full post

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